These healthy crackers are SO satisfying and delicious. You & your family will love them! You can serve them alone for a crunchy snack or serve them with hummus, sliced avocado or salsa as well as your  favorite cheese and you’ve got yourself a fiber-packed nibble that’s filled with healthy fats, protein and lots of nutrients.

Say good-bye to those white flour gluten-free crackers that you see on the store shelves in the food store. They won’t do anything but turn to sugar in your body! I don’t care that they are only a few calories…they are void of nutrients and they are similar to sawdust in your body- they do nothing for you nutritionally. They’re inflammatory and they’ll turn to sugar when they are digested because they are made mainly from white flour.

So, why are these crackers a better option?

Because these homemade crackers are loaded with healthy fats, protein and nutrients in each bite –  they will stabilize your blood sugar and will NOT turn to sugar in your body.

So, toss those processed, packaged crackers, invest in some raw seeds & psyllium husks and put your health first. I found that buying the seeds in bulk was the least expensive option. Yes, they are more expensive than buying a box of white floured-air (aka saw dust crackers) but they will support your body in your detox efforts, as well as giving you protein, fiber and healthy fats to fuel your body anytime of the day! 

Gluten Free SEED Crackers

1 cup sunflower seeds
½ c flax seeds (I used flax seed meal/ground flax seeds because that's what I had)
½ c sesame seeds
½ c pumpkin seeds
3 tbsp psyllium husks*
2 c water
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp garlic powder (I used Epicure Dehydrated Roasted Garlic)

Heat oven to 320 F. Combine all dry ingredients in bowl and stir. Add water and stir in. Let sit 10 minutes…mixture will thicken.
Line baking tray with parchment and spread half mixture onto middle and smooth with a spoon, making sure there are no holes. Place another sheet of parchment on top and then use a rolling pin to flatten mixture until it almost fills the area but not to the edge. Repeat with other half of mixture.
Cook about 1 ¼ hours, rotating and turning the sheets every 15 minutes. It should be very crisp. Let it cool and break up into pieces. I used a pizza wheel and sliced pieces from the outside first, then put the middle part back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes, as the middle wasn’t as crisp as the outside. Store in a sealed container.

* If you’re not familiar with Psylium, it is NOT a grain, Psyllium is a seed and the seed and husk (outer shell) is used as a source of soluble fiber.