Stroller Fit  is a 60-minute class for Mom and baby and is designed for all fitness levels: pregnant Moms, new Moms recovering from pregnancy and Moms with one or two stroller-aged children. This program is designed to help you at this special stage in your life. You will become stronger, more energetic and shed those unwanted pounds after baby. 

This will be achieved through cardiovascular fitness work, strength training, stretching, as well as abdominal appropriate exercises...a total body workout! . Our program is fun, efficient and effective. 

Our goal is to provide a challenging workout program for new and expectant mothers that doesn't require hiring a personal trainer, a babysitter or purchasing a gym membership. You will not only be motivated and supported by us, but by other Mothers, because you are all in a similar stage in your life. We create a safe environment for fun, friendly and non-judgmental fitness!

Using our own personal experience as Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Athletes, and Mothers, we wanted to provide this program to balance the fitness requirements of new Moms, with their desire to spend time with their baby.

Exercise modifications can be made for prenatal clients, particularly after the first trimester, new Moms who are 6 to 16 weeks postpartum, and active Moms who are ready for an additional challenge.